2014 – Brisbane to Gold Coast Ride

Another year of riding the Brisbane to Gold Coast (100km Ride). Again with the Team HTFU, also known as Team SAP. We had 3ย of us employees, and the main group who organised the Team being partners and associates who appreciate the quality of the knicks (and ride together alot more as a team together)

Brisbane to Gold Coast Ride 2014

Brisbane to Gold Coast Ride 2014

The new route with the Mt Gravatt industrial Park being bypassed was a great update, and also gave us a great run down to the first pitstop at Eagleby. I think we averaged 40km/h until here. Most of the 20 or so riders stayed together until here

The next section (including Yatala and the Jacobs Well cane fields) seemed to split the group, given the headwind, and stagged start time from the initial pit stop.

We all managed to regroup from the second Pitstop to the finish located opposite Australia Fair. It was a great team formation of 3 abreast, for 6-7 rows.

Great ride

Note for next one:

1. Get Train Timetable for Return journey

2. Bring Togs and organise an event afterwards.



2013 Brisbane to the Gold Coast Ride

Team ride with guys from SAP (Tom Martin and Tony Thorpe) – and a couple of others who I didn’t stay with. Started off the ride right at the back of our group, managed to get some good speed sessions going with the guys. Pushed it harder to try to get finished before it got too hot – as it was really starting to warm up. Good ride, and appreciate having the road to ourselves with escorts etc.

Garmin Stats:

To top it off, I had to ride back to Sanctuary Cover for a Wedding at 12. All good I made that too – just, albeit still suffering the heat and still sweating

No pictures – Could find them on ย http://www.marathon-photos.com. If you do find any please let me know.

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