2016 Yarrabilba Trail Fest 21k

An event that was put on by Those Guys, was the inaugural Yarrabibla Trail Fest a relatively last minute entry, and a first event back with Pete back in town.

After a 40 minute drive down to the new township of Yarrabilba, we found the start. A good little community area bordering onto the Bushland.

With the event starting at 7am, a good time to beat the heat – we were off. A gradual pace alongside the new estate and after about 1km – into the bushland.

A great event – not having any idea what the course was like or knowledge of the terrain. Pete and I took it relatively easy to start, but kept a reasonable pace. The terrain started off sandy, with a few mud spots  and then pine trees and then the first hill – looked like a small volcano with alot of volcanic type rocks and a nice scamper / walk up the hill. Then another section, then the next hill (not too big in the scheme of things), with a nice optional lookout at the top – which we had to check out. Then a lovely set of single tracks and decline back down then a final hill up to the power lines (time for another quick selfie, and then the show decent back to the finish.

Overall a great course. Felt good throughout, took me about 5km to warm up – but from there felt good until the end. Always mentally tough seeing the finish line in the distance, but it was a small undulating decline back so was easy.

A warm welcome at the end – followed by a beer and burger at the end with the MGTR.

Would definitely do it again, or even revisit the course for something different.


Feet – Brooks GTX (need a new pair but can’t source size 15s anywhere) and Injini Socks.

Clothes – Mountain Goat T-shirt & Skins and Lululemon shorts

Recording – Strava on iphone. Garmin watches have failed me

Pack – Caribee (I really need to get something better)

Nutrition – Arbonne Phytosport (2 sachets mixed in the water).

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