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2021 Scenic Rim 25k

2021 Pinnacles Classic 18k

2020 BVRT 100 MILE Run

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2021 Scenic Rim 25k

I have been wanting to check out The Scenic Rim runs for a while since a couple of the ambassadors (Lauren and Lois) have had encouraging words about the event and …

2021 The Guzzler 50km Trail Run

Having a discounted entry to The Guzzler from volunteering from the previous year made the decision easy to do this again. Although I entered the race some time ago, I thought …

2021 Brisbane Trail Ultra 30km Trail Run

After having run the course as a recce numerous times as training runs, I decided to jump on to the 30km event relatively last minute (Wednesday before the race).

It …

2021 Brisbane Trail Marathon - Half


A relatively last minute sign up to this event - having done it a few years ago - it's a good tough loop. But with lots of different types …