2016 Mt Glorious 21k Trail Run

Back for a 3rd year and looking forward to the camaraderie of trail running and finally being able to run in an organised event again. It’s been a while on the recovery treadmill but leading up to this, I have been able to do a few 21km type trail runs and confident that I could get through this with minimal discomfort.

Opted for the bus, departing at 5.30am from The Gap bus carpark, the long road to the top gave us a good chance to share stories (up the back with the MGTRs), upon arrival we literally had to leg it straight to the start line for the first wave.

I opted for the 3rd wave again. The start, with the traditional bagpipes began the race and off we went – straight into the first incline!wave3_Start
The first 4kms was an incline up 600m. Hence the walking happily photo 🙂

Then the 4km – 9km, was relatively all down hill. Happy to be wearing my new shoes, being a size larger and trying to save some of my toe nails (as they are already on the edge of coming off)
Then from 9km to 20km was a lovely grind back up Mt Glorious – there was a reasonable amount of “fast walking” up the hills here, but tried to main running the slight ups and downs as well.
The last 2kms is my favourite of the course, with the deep rainforest feel about it, a nice drop in temperature and some actual single trails. Highly recommended if you want to visit some real QLD rainforest terrain close to Brisbane and the road.
Finishing had me out of breath and happy to get off my heavy legs.

trail_2 trail_1

Avacado on Bread pre Bus trip.
Arbonne PrePAre and Endure PhytoSport (about 30 mins before).
Arbonne Complete Hydration during the run, with about 2 liters of water separately
3 Hammer Extreme Electrolytes tablets

Post Event:
1.5 ft Subway Sandwich
Arbonne After Workout Phytosport

Official Writeup

Note for future events;
1. Unlike some previous years where I drank multiple liters of water – this one I would have got away with just a handheld water bottle and refilling it once or twice at the aid stations.
2. Still not sure of the optimal way of getting to and from this event. Taking the bus gets you there in real good time, but coming home, I was back at the Carpark at nearly 1pm (I think). It seem quite late anyway. But at least I didn’t have to think about logistics at all!

And yes, I would definitely recommend this , and do it again! Great work Hubertien and TRAQ!

2012 TRAQ Mt Glorious Run

My first TRAQ event in a long time. This local one looked different to my usual Mt Coot-tha circuit so I definitely wanted to give it a go.

PreRace: On Wednesday, was in Perth and couldn’t resist doing the 10km Swan River loop, probably one of the best inner city runs outside of Brisbane! Also on Friday, I went Paddleboarding for a session. Feeling a bit sore on the Friday night and Saturday morning…

Saturday 6am, caught the bus from The Gap school, and ventured out to Mt Glorious (via Ipswich? – as the bus wasn’t able to decent down the steep section from the Mt Nebo side of the road). We arrived at the start point with about 15 mins to spare so all good there.

Food: 3 liter bladder water, 3 gels, 2 Carmens bars.

Race: The 3 waves took off (5 mins apart). I quite happily went in the 3rd wave, and straight into shin deep water! Love it. Soggy shoes and then in the first of the big hills.

After the first of the hills, it was a steady rolling decent to about 10km, where the 2nd creek crossing (not wet) and a drinks station. Refilled another 3 liters, and some glucose lollies, and kept going. Good support from the guys at this transition.

From the 10-19km, it was a gradual grind up. Long and steady with a few flat breaks, but overall the obvious tough section.

From 19-22km, a lovely rainforest cooler environment, with some some great scenic views and an easy run to the finish line, where there was great support at the end!

Post Race: Not many flat sections at all through the event! Probably why they called it a mountain race! Fantastic work by the organises, and great food selection at the end! Heaps of Subway / fruit / sweets and drinks to cool down until the bus came at 11.30 (via Mt Nebo), and home at The Gap by 12.50pm.

The main issue I had was with the heat, but managed to stay well hydrated and ensured that I took it easy when required.

Also, just saw the preliminary results. No DNF! great job everyone! My official time was: 3.07.15 (as I forgot to turn off my garmin at the end)

My Garmin: