2016 Climb For Cancer Stair Climb

The Brisbane Climb for Cancer is always a great event (albeit how short it is). Having booked this some time ago (in the optimistic Elite group), when there was early bird discount. It was tough as this weekend also had a few other competing events. Like the Brisbane Trail Marathon or some other private events.

Training leading up to this, was minimal – main my Mt Coot-tha trail runs and the very rare stair case.

The night before was also a bit bigger than expected – 6? or so beers and getting to bed sometime past midnight probably didn’t help.IMG_2719

After riding to the event, and pretty much getting there right on time. I was off before I knew it. Mentally this was one of the toughest – I managed to run doubles for the first 10 floors, then fastish for the next 27 floors. I was not so concerned about my time – as I knew it was going to be terrible – I didn’t even turn on my faithful garmin time trial.

Finishing felt ok. Happy to do a quick loop around – getting the obligatory photo – and trekked home. Sorta wish I started longer as the climb for cancer team had put so much effort into this great event – but my head was not in it this year.

A couple of days later – the official times came out. I was 7 seconds (6min 47 secs) slower than last year. I was expecting ALOT slower. All good, and may try to prepare better for next year!

2014 Climb For Cancer Stair Climb

This was my second year in competing in this event. Having done it before, and also having some reasonable training – I was relatively relaxed in the lead up to this.  Once there, again the atmosphere and friendliness of the staff and competitors was great. For the actual climb, I stuck with my plan of 2 steps the whole way – probably made it to about8 floors (after about 1minute 40) before going to a fast walk. With a bit of overtaking congestion issues, I lost a bit of time – but nothing I was complaining about. At the top, was feeling better than last time. The lungs and breathing was ok, and again the view from the top of the Waterfront place was awesome. Cheers to the http://www.climbforcancer.org.au/ team

I even managed to beat my previous years time, and have some new stats with my Garmin…


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