2008 Orienteering - Injinji RunSmartSprints #1

Sat 2 Feb 2008 - Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Paul, Glen and I thought it would be good training (and catchup) to try some other styles of events, so we thought we would give the sprint series of Orienteering QLD a shot. We seemed to be the exception as we wanted to do the event as a team but that was ok.

We did the 3 km course, and with only one technical mistake, we managed to complete it in an ok time.

One thing I was impressed by was the electronics of the tracking of participants getting the checkpoints. This is the first time I have seen this, and would love to have it in the other races we do, as it's a much more tuned way to track your performance. Not that we were going to win, but it's good to see how we went.

Results were lost in ether :(


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