2007 Medina 24hr MTB Challenge - Kooralbyn

21-22 April 2007 Thought it would be a good idea to go into this this event as training for some of my other races. With hardly any preparation and thought about it, I ventured down to Kooralbyn (2 hour drive) to do the event. Getting to the halfway point of the drive down and realised I had left my bike lights at home - bit difficult to do a night race in the dark! So I hooted back home to get the lights and made it back in time for the start. I had also left my slick rear tyre on - but I thought this would be ok... This was my first 24 mtb challenge so I had no idea what to expect, but after a couple of laps I soon realised the event was not for me

  1. My hardtail mountain bike did not give much comfort on the course!
  2. I soon got tired of the course, although I didn't go around it too many times, I need a bit of variety in my rides!
  3. I think it was a bit ambitious doing the event solo with no idea about what to expect for course and its repetition.

During the race I managed to keep going until dark - to utilise the lights I drove an extra 80kms for! Then did another lap, and then made a call to call it quits for the night. With no accommodation booked (I was going to share with Brian and co, but I couldn't find them when I was after them) so I decided to bail and go home. This was at about 8pm So after driving another 100kms I made it home, and Lisa made me a lovely pasta dish, and then I went and had a snooze. So at 4am I decided that I had enough sleep, picked up my roughies and ventured back down to Kooralbyn to do another 2 laps. Not a memorable event for me, but some more experience and stories to tell. Results are located here


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