2010 Clem7 Fun Run

It's been a while since I have updated this with event, so I thought I would get back into it in 2010. The clem7 run was an introduction to the new tunnel between the south east freeway and the ICB (I still question how popular it will be). My prep for this race was fantastic, Tim and I spend Saturday drinking beers from 1pm, a nice large steak and 11 hours of standing / drinking at the AC/DC concert the night before. Getting to bed at midnight and digging into a pizza at midnight probably wasn't the best idea. Anyway, with the alarm set for 4.30am and gear organised, I was sure it was going to be fine. At the event, it was a lovely Brisbane day, not  too hot (outside in the fresh air at 6am) day. Lining up for the start of the race, there was a level of excitement from the commentary people and associated crowd. On starting the race, we entered the tunnel and quickly descended down for the first 2kms, it was getting hot and humid pretty much from the start, although the first bit was all down hill, so it wasn't too bad. From 2-4 km range, it was hot and stuffy! Not my ideal conditions for a run (although my lack of hydration probably didn't help, but least I was working off the beers from the night before). At the 5km was the blessing of fresh air at the far end. It was the best 50m of the race where we were getting some fresher air from the M1 freeway. Then turning back into the tunnel and headed back down the sweat box. Looking forward to the 6km drink station it seems I wasn't fast enough to qualify for the water - as when I reached it, all I saw was a pile of left over plastic water satchels. I assume that the lead runners had stripped the station bare, to which I am not surprised. Anyway, the final slog back down to the 60m low point and the final bit back up to the exit, provided a steady climb back up with final joy of getting in the fresh air of the finish line.Final time was 1:03:45. Not too bad considering my lead up to the event. Here are the full results Here is my everytrail, for some reason the GPS wasn't too good 60m under the Brisbane River! Promoted as the "last ever time" you will be able to run through the tunnel - we'll see if there there is another post here contradicting the statement!


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