2012 Twilight 21km Run

Interesting lead up to this event, with not much food consumed on the day, and feeling a tad flat. Managed to get a some food down, but not feeling the best. The location of the event at University of Queensland was well known, the usual training area so not knowing the course was never going to be an excuse. Although I had never run the circuit, so it will be interesting either-way, plus as the name depicts, it was a twilight run, which to my delight was not in the morning or midday sun! Managed to hook up at the start with some of the usual training guys, Pete, Chris, Brian, Haydon so that provided some usual pre-race banter. Starting the event, we were near the front side and after the gun started, we jumped straight into the main stream of runners. Quite near the front, but at least we were off. This was probably my first mistake of the day, as my usual 5.30 minute kms, where quickly replaced with 4min kms. After about 3kms realizing my fault, I pulled it back to my slower pace, and soon being taken over by all the guys! Anyway, first 10km was ok, then the concept of "doing it all again", was my usual repetitive struggle and with not having much in the tank the second 10kms where a real struggle. Managed to get through the event, but happy it was nothing more than 21kms. Upon finishing, completely dug into the bananas and bread rolls (probably had about 5) and a chance to replenish the energy levels before the walk back to the car. Not my best event, but another one down and always good to catchup with the guys and enjoy a well hosted event.


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