2012 Ipswich Park2Park

Bit of a transitional event, albeit a smaller road distance but my first with the new Nike Free Runners (almost barefoot). Participated in the event supporting the Trilby Misso team, with plans of doing the 5km circuit around the parks in Ipswich. Team Trilby Misso Upon getting to Ipswich, I realised that I could do the 10km option (considering it was starting in 5mins from my arrival), and the 5km start would have been another hour before the start. So getting to the start line of the 10km option and finishing in hopefully around an hour, would be a good result. The morning was a lovely sunny day, bit of a chill in the air, but once we were running - I warmed up pretty quickly. The course has 3 noticeable hills - 1 at the start and another 2 at about the 3.5/8.5 km mark. The 10km course is 2 laps around the park. Around the park there was great support from the local Schools at the drink stations and a good size crowd so the runners weren't tripping over each other at all.. Finished in 52.59m, with all the hills and the intense TM training session the day before, I was really happy with the time. Especially with the new shoes and the transition out of my orthotics and into the Free Runners. Next Step is the Vibrams - but that'll be a while yet. Need to build up the technique and foot muscles.  


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