2012 Lake Manchester Trail Run

Last minute entry into this run. Convinced to go by Tom from fit2excel, and given that we have always talked about doing a trail run together, I thought I'd get back into it. As I have taken some months off the trails to get my feet back in order from my Orthotics to Barefoot plan, and now happily in Nike Free Run shoes as a transition. Given they are not a Train Running shoe, I'd thought I'd still give it a go. Tom and the fit2excel team were fortunate enough to get the pcyc bus to the start on the event and given the chill of the early August morning, I am glad we was driving and I could just rug up! Finally getting to the start, it was a different start point to 2009, but I figured the course would come back to me at some point. But the the thing I love about this is the relaxed atmosphere and friendliness of the participants. Even to hear the pre-race briefing was the organiser holding up a sheet of A3 paper, and saying "This is the map - don't get get lost", and then "Go". And we we all off! The actual run was awesome (also very well marked). I need to get out on the trails more! Fresh air, soft gravel, 3 or 4 over the ankle streams of water to ensure everyone got wet and a great outlook to enjoy while you are clicking out the k's. My main grief was with my non trail shoes, where the downhill grip was non existent, and a little too slippery down the hills for my liking. All up, and great event, and look forward to more Traq events. Good work guys.


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