2013 ClimbforCancer Stair Climb

ClimbforCancerSomething completely different and something that sounded like good a good challenge was the Climb for Cancer at Waterfront Place in Brisbane. Not that I normally post these shorter events, but this is something new, and post event something that I would actually love to do more of! Given that I do a fair bit of stair and hill climbs, I thought this would be an event that would be a good challenge and although very unscenic - it was something different. Agenda was; 7am elites started with 30 second intervals. With the winning male coming in at 3 min 52 secs. Given that he got a similar time last year with only walking a couple of flights, it was a good indicator of how to do it - not that I expected to win, but at least you know what you have to do to win - if you know what I mean. 7.45am The Individuals started with 15sec break between each person. It was a challenge to stay warm for this (as it was a very chilli morning for Brisbane standards), as I started at about 1/2 way in this group. The theory was to keep to double steps, and run as long as I could.... Upon starting, felt reasonably good. As everyone else did, ran through the start, through to the initial set, and then managed to get about 8 levels of running before I had to start walking the double steps. Felt good on the legs, just the cardio and the air was hard to get in. Maybe all the previous runners used up all the good air... Managed to pass a few others, one guy wouldn't give way and had to wait at least a floor before I could go around him. But the floors went VERY fast, and next thing I know, it was floor 10, 20, 30 and then 37. Completing the event in 6mins 44secs. Relatively happy with that, given that I had no idea what I was in for and I was hoping for sub 8mins. It was interesting to view the run cadence drop off from 80 to 40, maybe something in between would have been smarter earlier. A well run event, with well organised logistics, bag drop-off and pre and post entertainment and food. Shame I couldn't hang around but had more important places to be. Results are here I did notice a lot of coughing at the top - and since found this interesting article about it. Fortunately I didn't have the problem, but there was alot of it going around. A useful read. I'll be back next year with a few more sets of KPoint under my belt and try to beat the 8 floors before I had to stop running up... Full Garmin Details (and yes I inserted the altitude into the details):


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