2015 Rogue24

A new level of participating in Adventure Racing. Writing this a couple of months after the actual event... due to life getting in the way of a good story.. but here is my recollection of events: With previous focus of the year on the January HK100 event, and having some downtime after this (due to injuries), coming into this event was one of the worst prepared events I think I have done. With the expected legs to include: 20km of kayaking - Which I have done nothing in the kayak since the last Rogue24 Mountain Biking - None since hte last Rogue24, only rode the road bike a couple of times in the 6 months leading to this. Trekking - Alot of this, lots of running - so this wouldn't be an issue. Just to add I have had an intense 2 months leading into this with work (and was due to fly out internationally the Monday after this event for client presentations for the next week) Map of our journey:


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