2015 Year Review

2015 was a learning year. My first major injury since I started running, and the process of having to rehabilitation back to being able to "just go for a run" again without pain. This injury took about 6 months out of my running year. More on that below. As I have been progressively finding new adventures each year there have been alot of new highlights and new events that were truly memorable. The one that stands out this year was the Hong Kong 100 trail run. I have written a decent blog about it here, if I need to remember all it's great components and details. As always, travelling with work, I managed to get some runs in some unique places around the world including Bangalore India, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA (Las Vegas and Los Angeles) and many around Australia. On the injury, still technically can't remember what it's called but I think it was Plater Fasciitis. It flared up after the Rogue24 where the hotspot was under my ankle bone. Causing pain to walk and especially not able to run. After visiting Podiatrist, Physio, Musculo-Skeletal Surgeon, getting MRI scans. Long story short I have dropped the concept for barefoot running over 5km distances. Fortunately I had some great specialists helping me. For my shoes and feet stability, Elise from All Podiatry in Windsor managed to get me back in the right shoes and running (and every day) orthotics that suit my low arch feet. Also Luis, managed to bypass me getting a quarterzone injection and persistently stopped me from getting back into to it too early - which in hindsight was a very good thing! Simple things to remember - work on stretching the muscles (knee to wall - 11cm and it's ok to run) and 3 x 50 calf raises nightly with the ball between to strengthen the muscle. And try to stretch, return to yoga etc. Somethings I still need to do. Bring on 2016 - still trying to find another ultra marathon that's new... let's see where the year takes me.


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