2016 Walkabout Creek 10k Trail Run

A nice, social event that loops around the Enoggera Reservoir. After lots of crossing events, I managed to get Susan and Wendy to join me! It's been a few years since I have done anything with Wendy (probably the XPD in the Whitsundays?) and way - she wanted to do her own pace. There seemed to be a smaller crowd than normal (probably because alot of the serious runners were out getting 20+kms in their legs on the Sunday morning) before some of the longer events coming up. The circuits starts with a hill, a good section to break up the crowds and then has it's small hills around the Reservoir. I ran with Susan the whole way, not worried about the time, just enjoyed the run and the chat. We finished the last km in a faster than average time - was great to have the energy at the end and push to the end at a faster pace. A good social event and a great introduction to Trail events.


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