2016 Bridge to Brisbane

A new course, and a revived excitement to participate in this years Bridge to Brisbane - found me back on this Charity Fun Run. With our corporate sponsorship of RedKite, they were our charity of choice - and personally they made a large contribution towards my motivation for running this event again. Jess and the team from Redkite were encouraging with alot of pre-event support, providing tops (for our fundraising efforts) and also support along the way along with meeting us at the end. The run itself was a much more enjoyable, as it ventured through different sections of the inner city Brisbane and a chance to run over the bridges on the road - rather than the usual footpath. Made a conscious effort to run with the the team for this, both for a bit of team spirit (and lots of selfies) and trying to rest the legs for next weeks Coastal High 50. IMG_3151 Overall was a great event, lots of familiar faces and supporting a great charity who we look forward to working with again in the future.


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