2017 Pinnacles 18k Trail Run

A last minute entry to this, given the original date - I couldn't make, and this is a loop that I have done a couple of years ago - but wanted to do it again, mainly to test some of my recent learnings with nutrition over an event that was over 10kms. The Pinnacles classic was promoted as 18 hills in 18 kms. Here is a elevation profile from my run.  With the run starting at 7am, and a slower wave at 6.40am - this gave the "slower" runners an ability to finish at a reasonable time, and also allow the faster ones to pass - and have a chat if feasible. For me, aan event to focus on nutrition - and it worked out really well. Also helped that I ran with lots of other friendly trail runners - so we could all have a  chat at the appropriate time. Another great event organised by TRAQ , and as always looking forward to their next event. Strava Details: Some timings for food intake; About 5.30am - On wakeup food was a water based shake (Arbonne - 20g protein) and a Clif bar. Then had 500ml of Prepare and Endure. Just before the race started I also popped a Saltstick salt tablet - to be sure my salt levels would be well looked after. During the race - carried 1 liter of water in the bladder, and 500ml of water in bottle, and 500ml of Complete Hydration and a protein bar - The 2 bladders and the protein bar were all consumed by 9km and topped up at the 9km checkpoint Refilled the 500ml of water in bottle, and 500ml of Complete Hydration and drank all of these for the next 9km - and at the end actually felt awesome. Probably helped having a big downhill for the last 2km? But but felt good and energy levels were still high. Finished off the run with a burger from the tent and when back in the car - had the After Workout mix. Overall a small event that brought together a great crowd and great trail running community.  


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