2018 Yarrabilba Trail Fest

Back again for my 3rd Yarrabilba Trail Fest run. Always promises to be a good event given the number of Mountain Goat Trail Runners (and trail community) attending, and hosted by Those Guys - and somewhere different to central Brisbane. Allowing for the 50 mins to get there from the city, it was a brisk morning where it was holding back taking off the warm layers until relatively the last minute to get the warm gear off. But once it was off, it was a fairly quick to get started after the usual event briefing. Always great to see alot of new runners in these events! The course this year has changed again - given the changing developments of Yarrabilba. It was a longer than usual on the road and sandy trail before getting to the "good stuff" (which is reflected well in the relive video below). But all was good, given that it was still 22km and there were a couple of really fun sections as part of the course. Running with Pete, the pace was manageable for both of us. Also with lots of selfies and a good chance to catch-up during the course. Maybe we were not pushing hard enough (with all the chit chat), but I was happy that today was only 22km - given the intense week I had prior and with a long run in Singapore 2 days prior. I was also trying a slightly new approach to my nutrition plan of the past. Given about 4 months ago, I am following more of a keto style diet, I thought this would be a good test. I have done similar distances, but without the "race" mentality. I didn't do my usual carb loading, and carb intake through the run. Rather just water. I definitely think anything more than 20km will need some additional supplements and nutrition. I have a plan - but will save that until the next 50km in the start of September (Coastal High 50) Relive Visual Map: https://www.relive.cc/view/1718834346 Strava Details:


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