2019 Blackall 100

Heading into this event my training was going well until 3 weeks before the race, until I twisted my knee. Bad enough that I could barely walk without alot of pain. After a few physio / acupunture / massages sessions at and some at-home training exercise and rehab, I felt I was good to go a couple of days before the event - enough to be able to run my required power levels and finish at a reasonable time....

Trying something new, here is a video of the journey :

Some other thoughts not captured in the video was:

  • No cramps - took a hotshots prerace and had some bananas during the course.
  • No middle ear water issues - had been good with my

Upon finishing, caught up with fellow runners who finished at the similar time - then hobbled to the showers and had a good long shower.

Staying at the QCCC made it super easy. Waking up at the start line and straight to bed after the race. I opted for the dorm rooms which made everything super easy and quite social. in our room #16, we had runners from Brisbane, Townsville, Warwick and Sydney. Was good hearing everyones journey to get to the start.


  • Stuck to my plan of electrolytes hydration every hour and a protein ball every 2nd hour.
  • Some bananas and watermelon at CP 2 and 3.
  • A lovely selection of carbs at CP4 and some hot noodle soup - did I say I love the BTR checkpoint!


  • Salomon - Sense Ultra 8 litre pack
  • Salomon Sense Ride - Worked well, except my feel didn't like being wet for hours, and got a few blisters on the base of my feet.
  • Mountain Goats Shirt and Hat
  • Skins and 2xu pants

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