2019 West Palm Beach (FLORIDA) Half Marathon

Whenever I travel for anything, I always have a look around to see if there is any events nearby that interest me. This December, Lisa and I had organised to do a 6 day intensive at a Tony Robbins event - Date with Destiny. The dates for this was 5-10th December. I knew this event was going to have me tired for the week (a typical day was from starting at 11am and through to 2am, always on my feet and lots of good energy) but was it the right time to doing a half marathon in-between. F*k yeah. (That was for you Penny)

Anyway, so on the morning of the run, I went to bed at 3am, had to be up at 5am (run 2km to get to the start line) - then starting the actual run at 6am.

Lining up at the start line, the international standard of working out where you should be was taking place, and getting the jumpers off etc. West Palm Beach they take it to the next level, and a bunch of the shirts came off too. I was happy with my singlet.

Once starting the run, it was a long flat north direction up (in the dark) and back to the start line (in which the sun had finally rose), then we had to another up and back towards the south. It felt exactly like the Gold Coast half marathon. for a course.

Most the runners were listening to headphones and quiet, there was a couple of chatty groups, but I left them alone. Just after half way, I had a quick chat to a local, who was in costume, she seemed happy for the chat as it was the usual struggle street of 50-75% of the race. I stayed with her for a while, but I then found a second wind and trotted home to the finish line .

The finish was a smallish affair, but they had an awesome breakfast at the finish line and a big medal - also a cool hat and shirt.

Afterwards, I trotted back to the accommodation - where the others had arisen and continued on with the Tony Robbins conference - with an added mojo from the morning run!


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