2021 Brisbane Trail Ultra 30km Trail Run

After having run the course as a recce numerous times as training runs, I decided to jump on to the 30km event relatively last minute (Wednesday before the race).

It was my first race post ankle surgery, and having done 20km on the road the week before I figured I should be fine for the 30km on the trails. 

The start line, was really relaxed. Picked a nice spot in the sun ( so good starting at 3pm) and shared some usual pre event cheer with some other Mountain Goat runners. 

We ended all going in Wave 3 or 4? and started as a group. All in good spirits and usual banter.

300m into the course, at the first trail, a nice single track leading into the creek crossing, gave some photo opportunities! 

After about 1km of road, it was time to hit the trails and the backside of Mt Coot-tha, and the Python Trail. Still managed to get an uphill jumpshot in.


Once at the top of Python trail it was a chance to finally get some easy kms witha nice decent down into Gold Mine and then along Litchfield. With a few conversations along the way - keeping the pace respectible ensuring I didn't burn out too early. 

Coming down Mahogony about halfway you could hear the party of the Brisbane Trail Runners Checkpoint. Was a great boost to finally get to the bottom, and see a lot of familiar faces. These guys do an amazing job at nearly big event as a CheckPoint stop in South East QLD. I didn't need anything - so with lots of quick hi's - I was off to the Pinnicles Hill or the Redbull Challenge.

No plans to contest this at all, happy to just power walk up this hill. 

The only real section of technical trails was over in the downside back into Bardon. Nothing too bad just need to watch all the loose rocks, and the sun was starting to set. With the sun setting, I set a personal challenge to get out of the trails before the sunset - and not need to get my headlamp out. I just made Bowman Park before the it was completely dark.

Running down Latrobe Terrace was a hoot - still felt good, but his was a point that I appreciated the city finish. I was running with another lady from Mt Tamborine, who hasn't been to Brisbane at all, and she was loving the views of the city along this section. I always take it for granted, but hearing a visitors point of view - it's a great way to finish! Although felt bad for all the couples on the footpath having their dinners.

Coming around Suncorp Stadium - appreciating the 42 for 42 suprise checkpoint (Although didn't stop) and onto the River for the final section. Suprising long a quiet along here. Although I did bust someone trying to steal on of the course markers. I think it would have been better running along Southbank for more atmosphere! 

Slowly over the Goodwill Bridge and the final kilometer to the Kangaroo Point Stairs. A familiar set - but still made the most of the hand rails! 

And finally - finishing:


For an event that I knew the course backwards., it was a really good day out!  



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