2021 Scenic Rim 25k

I have been wanting to check out The Scenic Rim runs for a while since a couple of the ambassadors (Lauren and Lois) have had encouraging words about the event and the course.

Also with a couple of Mourtain Goat Trail runners already signed up - would be a good fun day out.

I had not entered the event, as I heard there was a virtual challenge to win tickets in either the 25,65 or 105 km events - so I thought I would give this a crack to save some $$ on entry fees. Given the competition was 2 weeks before the event, I figured I had a good chance to win one of the tix. After outsourcing the competition (a really cool - find the symbol and code  in the virtual course) to a seasoned gamer (Rupert), we ended up winning the 25km ticket. Which was awesome. When I read the details - I noted it was for the 2022 event. DOH!

So I signed up for the 25km anyway, and next thing I know we are at gathering at the finish line - where we had to catch a bus to the start line at the QLD Motorcross Park.

The Bus to the start line

Once at the start line, the plan was simple. Have a fun day and take it easy in the heat. It was a hot humid day and after a quick race briefing, with all the usual warnings (with some bonus commentry about there may be some residual smoke from the previous fires near the track - but all should be ok). We were off - at 1pm - nice hottest part of the day!

Starting off in a our happy MGTR group, enjoying to be off and running, Chris, Jess and I enjoyed the bonus Motorcross loop together (I think this was to make up and extra 3km) - but then we started the first incline up the ridgeline to the first peak. About 400m of elevation but since it was at the start, we slow ran / fast walked up to the top. Now Jess and I, running across the top was enclosed, so we couldn't really appreciate the views, but then was a steepish downhill into the valley before the next climb up. 

Pretty much as we dropped 150m down, the lead runners were running back into us, and going the wrong way. Apparently there was a fire crossing the trail and they couldn't cross through. 

So we did a u-turn and joined them. Also about 9km in, may of the runners were expecting the checkpoint with water at the 12km mark. So trying to assist them with some left over water I had. 

On hte way back was awesome to spend some time with Bridget as well, still in her usual good spirits

The organisers did really well in have a vehicle to get the tired / dehydrated runners out of the area and getting them back to the start line. 

We opted to run it back, as still feeling good and a tad of adreline kicking in on the downhill back to the start line. 

Overall a good day out, even though we got to see the same section of the course twice, but alway better than getting anywhere near a fire. 



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